Why Laser Hair Removal Is Way Better Than Shaving

2 years ago By Taha Medi Spa Laser Treatment

Tired Of Stubble?

One of the worst things about shaving, besides cutting your skin, is that the hair grows right back only an hour later. Worse, it isn't soft hair either. It's a scratchy stubble that no one likes to touch - let alone yourself. Instead of constantly going through razors and shaving cream, you should find a permanent solution. That solution which offers long term results is laser hair removal.


What Is Laser Hair Removal?

When you first consider laser hair removal, you may picture a large laser that zaps away hair on your body. That isn't quite what happens. Rather, a device is used in the target areas that you want hair removed at. This device, typically utilizing intense pulsed light technology though not always, keys in on certain colours of the hair cell. Attracted to this colour, it damages the hair cell just enough to damage it. The body then removes this damaged cell completely. As a result, you have long term results of hair removal. Because hair cells cannot be produced in those areas, you won't ever have to experience unwanted hair in that location again. Think about the benefits this can provide for you.


The Benefits Of Laser Hair Removal

Shaving only fixes the problem for a short time. Even then, you have to deal with stubble that is unpleasant to touch. You also have to keep going through razors and cream which can be quite costly in the long-run. Not to mention, you also are prone to cutting yourself when shaving. Laser hair removal gets rid of the hair permanently. It leaves behind smooth skin that is never going to be marred by hair or shaving nicks again. Instead, you have this treatment performed a few times to get rid of the active hair cells, and then you're done. You'll save a lot of money overall and you can free up time during your daily showers.


Laser hair removal is the best solution for permanent hair removal. With laser hair removal, you will have more time during your daily routine, save money in the long-term, and have smooth and hairless skin. Visit Taha Medi Spa in Ajax today to start your laser hair removal treatments. Contact us today to book an appointment or to have any of your laser hair removal questions answered. 

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