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Skin tags are small, painful growths on the top of the skin. They are considered non-cancerous and are not harmful to your health. They are common in adults, especially men and women over the age of 50. They tend to appear more commonly in places where the skin folds and wrinkles, such as the neck, thighs, and armpits; however, they can occur anywhere on the body.

Consequences Of Removing Skin Tags By Yourself
Although it is tempting to remove a skin tag at home, there are many consequences to removing skin tags on your own. Instead, you should seek professional skin tag removal.

Removing skin tags at home may cause excessive bleeding. Excessive bleeding is a dangerous condition that may cause the need for stitches or sutures in order to stop blood loss. If you lose too much blood, you may even be at risk for loss of consciousness or death. Especially if you use an instrument to cut the skin tags, like fingernail clippers or scissors, the sharp edge may puncture more than just the skin tags. As a result, excessive bleeding may occur.

If you decide to cut off the skin tag at home on your own, scarring may also occur. If you puncture the skin, rather it is shallow or deep, it is more likely to cause permanent scarring.

Removing skin tags at home is especially dangerous due to the risk of infection. If you use an instrument for removal that contains any type of bacteria, the wound may become infected. Additionally, the wound may become infected after removal if it becomes dirty or exposed to bacteria.

Most types of infections that can happen at home after removing a skin tag on your own are superficial, meaning they happen on the surface of the skin. Symptoms of a superficial skin infection include redness, swelling, or draining pus from the site of the incision. You may also experience a fever. The most common example of infection after removal is a staph infection.

Professional Treatment For Skin Tags
Professional treatment reduces the risk for scarring, infection, or excessive bleeding. Skin tags can be effectively removed without leaving a scar. Skin tags might be removed by either Cautery, Excise, Laser, or Liquid Nitrogen. These methods seal the wound to prevent infection or bleeding. If you're hoping to have the least amount of scarring after you have your skin tags removed, laser removal is least likely to leave marks. Cautery involves burning off the skin tag while excise removes the tags using surgical scissors or an instrument. Finally, liquid nitrogen involves freezing the skin tag to remove it.

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