Mole Removal

5 years ago By Nulook Medspa Laser Treatment
You've likely had a mole or two in your lifetime. Most moles are non-cancerous moles and not harmful to you or your body.
Cancerous vs. Non-Cancerous Moles
Do you know how to tell when a mole is cancerous? Be sure to monitor the color of your moles. If a mole darkens in color, it could indicate cancerous moles melanoma. Non-cancerous moles are usually round in shape. If your mole has jagged edges, it could be cancerous. Non-cancerous moles are usually painless. If you are experiencing pain or bleeding from a mole, it could be cancerous moles melanoma. Moles are also usually smooth in texture. If your mole has a scabby coating, you should talk to your doctor.
Types of Mole Removal Procedures 
Luckily, if you are monitoring your moles and talking to your doctor, you can make an appointment to get cancerous moles removed. There are several processes available including cautery, laser, and suture.
Cautery is a painless way to remove the mole by either applying heat directly to it (and the mole simply dissolves) or after the mole is scraped or cut off cautery is used to stop the bleeding.
Laser mole removal is best for small flat black or brown moles. It usually takes multiple trips to the physician where they will apply an anesthetic and proceed to administer laser treatment to the mole until it is gone.
Suture is another option for mole removal. The procedure will consist of numbing followed by removal of the mole and closure. Keep in mind that sutures require upkeep in terms of keeping them clean and a follow-up to remove the sutures.
Benefits of Mole Removal
The benefits of removing moles include having peace of mind that you are not living with a blemish that could be cancerous. Additionally, if you get the mole removed early on you can avoid having a more painful experience down the road when it needs to be removed. Other benefits include easing your everyday routine. If you get a mole removed, you will not have to worry about shaving over it and you will have clear and even skin! If you are experiencing pain because of a mole, it should subside once the mole is removed.

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