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Nulook Med Spa

Nulook Med Spa in Etobicoke is a subsidiary of Islington Medical Centre, well known in the Etobicoke / Toronto area for providing quality medical care for over 25 years. At Nulook, we help you face your world with confidence.

Experts in Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Technology. Latest advances in surgical and non-surgical procedures, Laser, Medicine and Technology.

Dr. R. Mohan, director and founder of Nulook Medspa, is a renowned family physician and cosmetic laser physician. For more than 25 years he has pursued his goal of providing the finest and most honest care possible. This standard of excellence has made him a favourite among his clients and his peers. With his attention to detail he personally oversees all aspects of his Medical Spa operation.

His impressive accomplishments include being a member of The Canadian Association of Aesthetic Medicine (CAAM) and a surgical diploma in Orthopedics from India. After coming to Canada in 1982, Dr. Mohan did a clinical residency in Neurosurgery in Ottawa and an internship at University of Toronto.

Dr. Mohan has been a licensed medical practitioner in a variety of fields since 1986. After getting his License to practise in Ontario he worked as an Emergency Physician in the communities of Kitchener-Waterloo, Cambridge, Brampton and Etobicoke. He successfully established The Islington Medical Centre in 1987 and focused his superb clinical competency to enhance the community of Etobicoke in the fields of Family Medicine, Travel Medicine, Laser Medicine and Technology.

Dr. Mohan travels worldwide to attend conferences and symposiums to ensure he has the knowledge and skills to offer the latest advances in surgical and non-surgical procedures in the fields of as laser, aesthetics, and travel medicine.

Being a leader is his field Dr. Mohan is frequently invited to lecture on various fields of medicine including the hottest topics of today's medical and medical spa world.

Dr. Mohan has become an expert in Cosmetic Medicine and Laser Technology. By taking the time and effort to develop an integrated treatment approach, he is able to meet and exceed the goals and aspirations of each client and have them enjoying their lives more than ever. With his help they are able to face their world with confidence.


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Online Open House At Nulook Medspa | Oct 27-31

✨Nulook MedSpa would like to invite you to their ONLINE OPEN HOUSE✨ October 27th - 31st 12 pm to 5 pm.   ONLY during these days you can book your appointments and receiv


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