Eyelash Lift

5 years ago By Taha Medi Spa Eyelashes

Who doesn’t want thick, curly, gorgeous eyelashes? Some people are blessed with naturally thick lashes, but for the rest of us with thin and straight lashes, we try everything for enviable lashes. Falsies, extensions, mascara, all require constant maintenance, sticky glue, or a small fortune, or all of the above. What if you could get bigger lashes the same way you get a hair perm at less than the cost of extensions and without reapplication? An eyelash lift in Ajax is just that. In about one hour at Taha Medi Spa, eyelash artists transform your eyes from flat to fabulous.

Silicon pads are placed under the eyes to separate the top and bottom lashes, then a gentle adhesive is applied to hold the top lashes up. An eye-safe chemical remoulding agent is then applied for between six and twelve minutes. When the solution is washed off, lashes are curly and full. The setting solution works the way a hair perm works, by breaking the molecular bonds that keep hair straight or curly. Once the bonds are broken, they’re reset in the desired shape and the bonds are reformed. The result is curly hair, or in this case, eyelashes. Over time the eyelashes lose their curl as the bonds return to their natural state and as eyelashes grow back straight. But with proper care, the eyelash lifts can last six to eight weeks and then can be redone at Taha Medi Spa in Ajax.

As with any perm, it is important to keep the eyelashes dry – no showering, swimming, washing or steaming for at least twenty four hours post set. It’s a good idea to apply moisturizer - coconut or other facial oils will keep eyelashes supple and curly. Because lifts are your natural lashes, unlike extensions, after the first twenty-four hours you can add any eye makeup you want without damage to the effect. Adding an eyelash tint to the lift will mean waking up ready to walk out the door because you don’t need to put on mascara. If you’re looking for a low-maintenance effective option for longer, fuller lashes, an eyelash lift in Ajax might just be the thing you’re looking for.

Summer is the season you don't want to be wearing heavy makeup. An eyelash lift will give you a natural yet eye opening effect without the need of mascara. To book an appointment for an eyelash lift at Taha Medi Spa in Ajax, contact us today!

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