The Benefits Of Body Wraps

5 years ago By Taha Medi Spa Skin Rejuvenation

Body wraps have been around for decades, but people haven’t been educated on the kinds, benefits, and purposes of these treatments. It’s time we cleared things up for inquiring minds. 

What Are Body Wraps?
Body wraps are spa treatments mainly used to relax the body. When a relaxing body wrap treatment is requested, patients ask for a professional massage therapist who will massage the skin and muscles. If asked, a massage therapist will usually stay with a wrapped patient to massage their scalp. Some wraps can detox the skin and underlying tissues. Detox and mineral body wraps take around fifty minutes. Detox and mineral body wraps require body mask made from either algae, clay, or seaweed rubbed all over the body. 

Hydrating body wraps add moisture to the skin. Hydrating body wraps are good to do throughout the year, but especially during the winter if a person suffers from dry and flakey skin conditions, they are also very beneficial to improve sun-damaged skin. 

Slimming wraps can assist with weight loss. Menthol and clay substances are applied to the skin after prepping. The wrap pulls out internal toxins once the slimming wraps are applied. 

Body Prepping
A body will benefit from the exfoliation of dead skin cells; through either dry body brushing or the use of a body scrub before each type of body wrap. This allows the oils and minerals applied to the body to penetrate the skin deeply and improves blood flow. For several minutes after the body has been prepped, minerals or creams are applied and the patient is wrapped in plastic, with a linen sheet or towel over the plastic and possibly a thermal blanket if a patient gets cold. 

What Benefits Will People See From Body Wraps?
Many people say their joints do not hurt after a detox and mineral body wrap, and their skin feels wonderful after they have undergone a hydrating wrap. Body wraps help remove toxins that keep fluid buildup in the tissues.

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