Threading Vs. Waxing

5 years ago By Taha Medi Spa Hair Removal

Both threading and waxing are very different methods of hair removal that lead to a similar outcome. Threading has pros to it that waxing does not. The same applies in the reverse position. Threading tends to concentrate only on a tiny area at once, while waxing has the tendency to be most effective when removing hair from a larger area at once. The way that either of these methods of hair removal work make them prime ways to remove hair in different situations. Waxing is best for those who want to clear hair from a large area at once, such as their arms or legs. Threading is better suited for maintenance work on smaller areas, such as places on the face.

A common place for threading hair would be above the lip and eyebrows. Threading allows the user to concentrate on only a few hairs at a time. Waxing can also be done above the lip and eyebrows, it is also a much faster process than threading. However, those with sensitive skin would find that threading is a better option as it just pulls out the hairs vs. having wax pulling the skin.

The way that threading works is by using a thread tied at both open ends to make a loop. That loop is then held between the individual's forefinger and thumb in either hand. The thread is then twisted into a series of "knots" and those are then oscillated in a practiced way over and along the face, catching on and pulling out hairs as it goes. Spa reps are masters at this technique, since they've do it for clients so often.

Threading is a relatively new technique, compared to waxing. Waxing has been around for a very long time. With waxing, you can use literal honey wax or a number of other types of waxes that have been invented over the years. A spa rep would place the wax along the areas they wish to remove hair from. They would then place paper strips on the wax until it hardens. At that point, it is then pulled off quickly to remove hair. 

Both waxing and threading are great options for hair removal.

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