Why Diy Laser And Ipl Hair Removal Is A Bad Choice

5 years ago By New You Spa Laser Treatment

I’m sure you have watched the commercials and saw the posters and advertisements for home laser hair and intense pulsed light hair removal treatments. This small hand tools claim they are high-intensity tools able to rid you of unwanted hair, however, how safe and effective are they?

Home lasers and IPL systems are much less powerful than the industry regulated and manufactured precision hair removal tools that are used in the medical spa business.

Because they are suitable for home use thy are designed to be less intense, meaning they are unlikely to permanently rid you of your hair.

Secondly, lasers and IPL units can be dangerous if not operated correctly by a trained professional. Knowing the pigment of your skin tone and hair colour need to be taken in consideration and may in fact be different from the color you see with your naked eye.

This is especially true for people of color who need to use specific lasers and wavelengths to ensure skin is undamaged.

While home machines may appear to be affordable, knowing they could damage skin at its deepest levels, create scars or not even eliminate hair makes them hardly worth the money.

At New You we were the first in Canada to introduce the 4-in-1 Laser Hair Removal procedure and have successfully helped more than 250,000 clients rid themselves of unwanted hair on their face, arms, legs, back and private areas. Because the 4-in-1 Laser is a versatile tool, patients experience permanent hair reduction faster than ever before. In fact, our Laser Hair Removal treatment is so effective we offer the only lifetime guarantee in the industry!
When you think about the amount of time and money you spend eliminating unwanted hair, only to have it grow back almost immediately, it’s hard not to look at a permanent hair reduction method as a viable option.

We also offer IPL treatments for patients uncomfortable with the LHR treatment, or wanting to try a procedure that can also address minor skin imperfections while targeting hair growth.

Still not sure if Laser Hair Removal is right for you?  Book a free consultation with New You and we can explain the procedure in its entirety and develop a treatment plan tailored to your needs.

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