Time Is Ticking For Your Summer Body

5 years ago By New You Spa Fat Reduction

With less than two months till the warm rays of summer are shining down us, now is the perfect time to finally get the body of your dreams.  In as few as 4-8 weeks you can shed excess fat, stubborn cellulite and those pesky back and side rolls, and be lean and fit when you hit the beach or pool in July.

We guarantee it.

What makes New You different?

Unlike other spas and clinics we offer multiservice packages customized to our clients needs, goals and body types. Combine our cool BodySculpting with fat targeting injections or our targeted lipolaser technology. We also offer fat busting high intensity ultrasound therapy as well as radio frequency treatment. 


Using the high in demand Cryolipolysis technology, subcutaneous fat deposits are gently frozen leaving the cells and skins around the area unaffected. The frozen fat cell dies and bursts and is safely dispelled from the body through the natural waste elimination process. Once froze that cell will not reform, however that doesn’t mean new fat cells can’t grow so proper diet and maintenance is key. 

BodySculpting is one of the most popular and routinely performed treatments in North America, an ideal body contouring and defining treatment with no downtime and few side effects. 

While BodySculpting is the best stand-alone treatment for combatting fat, when combined with our other fat targeting procedures results are faster and longer-lasting. 

We offer both the 3 and 5 stage BodySculpting Plans to increase the amount of fat you melt away, while also toning and refining the skin and boosting metabolism.

Depending on the plan you select, after receiving the targeted BodySculpting treatment, you will receive the metabolism boosting Fat Cracker used for specifically treating cellulite. The Fat Cracker uses strong sound waves administered into the skin and fat tissue to improve the quality of the connecting tissue for enhanced tone, while also eliminating cellulite.

Following the Fat Cracker, radio frequency skin tightening is performed to reduce the appearance of saggy or loose skin, and aiding in the strengthening of the skin matrix.  

BodySculpting plans can also include Cryotherapy sessions, double chin targeting and lipotropic fat targeting injections.

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