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A few years ago, facials went high-tech and received a very futuristic facelift. Skincare merged with technological advancements in the continuous search to achieve that sought after lit-from-within look. High-Tech Facials at Miami Beauty Clinic combines modalities into one treatment, enhancing results, delivering more natural, longer-lasting effects, and maximizing the client's time in the clinic chair.

What Are High-Tech Facials?
A facial is an essential part of any aesthetic skincare regimen, and for decades, the routine has remained the same. Today, instead of applying anti-aging products in conjunction with just hand manipulations to smooth out fine lines, aestheticians utilize delivery methods like small electric currents, microneedles, dermabrasion, resurfacing, and compression to revive tired facial muscles.Here are a few of the options available for High-Tech Facials at Miami Beauty Clinic:

Medical Skin Microneedling
Microneedling is a treatment that stimulates capillaries and aids in forming new layers of collagen fibers and elastin using small needles that penetrate the skin to foster new tissue and collagen generation. Microneedling is mostly, but not limited to, use on the face, and aids in treating various wrinkles, large pores, photodamage, light acne-driven scarring, and striae (stretch marks). The procedure is non-ablative, meaning the aesthetician treats the skin's deeper layers without removing the skin's top layer, allowing for more controlled trauma under the skin's surface. The perforations made by the needles also allows for better penetration of the accompanying serums into the skin.

Purigenex Collagen Therapy
Purigenex, another option for High-Tech Facials at Miami Beauty Clinic, is an FDA approved collagen-based skin therapy product developed in South Korea. With an Ionized Collagen Mask, this serum, alone, or with microneedling, sublative skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, compression, and phototherapy, bolsters tissue regeneration that's non-evasive, preservative-free, and well-tolerated. After only one Purigenex treatment at Mimai Beauty Clinic without any of the before mentioned delivery systems, the skin looks considerably better. But, combined with other modalities, this result typically lasts longer, maintains more of a facelift effect, and appears even younger.

Maschera al Ferro or Iron Mask
Maschera al Ferro or The Iron Mask, at Miami Beauty Clinic, is a 100% natural botanical ingredient concentrated mask containing iron microspheres. When applied, iron microspheres penetrate through the superficial cells, stimulating microcirculation and oxygenation. This process removes excess oils, dead cells, comedones (skin-colored papules), pollutants, and other skin irritants. The unique magnetic force attracts iron particles and any impurities absorbed from the skin. Maschera al Ferro is customizable to skin issues, type, age-range, and body areas like the face, breasts, back, or hands.

By implementing High-Tech Facials into your skincare regime, you will notice an array of skin improvements and benefits. Visit Miami Beauty Clinic today to better your skin with High-Tech Facials. Contact us to schedule an appointment! 

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