Non-surgical Hair Loss Treatment

4 years ago By MedSpa.One Injections

Tens of millions of people suffer from hair loss which can have negative effects on patients’ quality of life. Hair loss can be embarrassing for both men and women, causing deterioration of self-esteem.


There has been extensive research done to prove that PRP (platelet-rich plasma) therapy can dramatically improve hair density and is an effective treatment for thinning hair and hair loss. PRP was invented in Europe more than 10 years ago and is being used in different medical areas. Hair restoration with PRP is a safe treatment that does not require medication or surgery. Now you can get back the hair density without any side-effects. It is the safest treatment on the market because it involves your own blood, thus the chances of rejection are very low.


How does it work you might ask? There are 3 simple steps as to what this procedure might look like. First, a nurse or a doctor will draw your blood, then he or she will place the tube with your blood in the centrifuge for 10 minutes. The centrifuge is a special machine that separates your red blood cells from your plasma. Then the plasma is injected back into your scalp. The procedure is very simple and not too painful, because the scalp in general is not a very sensitive area.


What Effect Does PRP Have for Hair Regrowth?

Platelets that are injected into your scalp contain healing growth factors. They promote a healthy and natural hair growth - they are like nutrients for your hair follicles. Moreover, the research has shown that PRP promotes the creation of new blood vessels that deliver nutrients to your hair follicles. Most of hair loss is caused by the lack of nutrients that feed the hair follicle.


How long is the treatment? It takes a nurse or a doctor about 10-15 minutes to inject the plasma into scalp.


Treatments should be repeated every month for 3 months, and then once every 3-6 months.


In 3-4 months after you finish the course of the treatment you will notice that your hair will regrow healthier, shinier, stronger and thicker. Even after the first few treatments, you can notice a substantial decrease in hair shedding or even a complete stop. With that being said, not everyone is a good candidate for PRP hair restoration. You need to have an in-person consultation to make sure you are a suitable candidate for the treatment.


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