Is My Skin Sun Damaged?

3 years ago By Miami Beauty Clinic Skincare

Sun damage can be difficult to see. This type of skin damage doesn’t usually happen in just one afternoon. Over an extended period of time, many people assume their skin looks the way it does because of age. This is not necessarily the case.

How Do I Know If My Skin Is Sun Damaged?
The effects of sun damage can mimic skin that has naturally aged. While they may seem similar, there are several clues to look for. Sun damage treatment at Miami Beauty Clinic is available if you have skin that has been damaged by the sun. Common signs of sun damaged skin include:

• Wrinkles
• Darker spots on either or both hands
• Freckles
• Liver spots
• Decrease in skin elasticity
• Broken capillaries

PhotoFacial at Miami Beauty Clinic can help reduce or eliminate some of these symptoms.

How To Prevent Sun Damage
To avoid sun damage in Miami, there are a few ways to prevent these skin conditions. Avoiding direct sunlight or tanning beds is one way to prevent damage. Sunbathing on the beach or extended time by the pool can cause skin texture to change over time. This can be true even if the weather is cloudy. Wearing sunblock is another way to help prevent skin damage. Sunscreen can help prevent wrinkles that are caused by the sun as well as age. Some sunblock can be found in foundation makeup as well.

How To Treat Sun Damage
If you already have skin that has been damaged by the sun, a PhotoFacial at Miami Beauty Clinic can help. This type of sun damage treatment in Miami uses light therapy to eliminate damaged molecules from the skin. A PhotoFacial in at Miami Beauty Clinic can create a brighter appearance. By using a hand-held device, light can focus into the skin’s tissues. Once the skin has healed, the body can naturally produce collagen to repair skin tissue. Many people consider this an anti-aging part of the process. This type of treatment typically takes 1 hour depending on the skin condition. After treatment, preventative care is recommended such as wearing sunscreen.

If you spend hours out in the sun without protecting your skin remember that you may experience consequences in the years ahead. Protect your skin whenever you can. If you have already endured sun damage, the advancement in technology has a solution for you with a PhotoFacial at Miami Beauty ClinicContact us today to schedule an appointment. 

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