Look Younger For Your Christmas Party

4 years ago By Ästhetik Rx Injections

Instead of putting your beauty regime on hold during the winter, why not take advantage of some of the non-surgical options at the Ästhetik Rx in Bowmanville. Look your best for your Christmas party or holiday social event. The holidays are coming fast, and you may think you don’t have the time left, but some procedures offered at the Ästhetik Rx are quick to administer, and have a fast recovery time.

Botox ● Nuceiva / Anti-Wrinkle Injections
This is the most standard and basic non-surgical face rejuvenation procedure. Botox relaxes the muscle tissue and gives your skin a smoother appearance. Botox’s scientific name is Botulinum toxin, and is a neurotoxic protein. Botox, is actually claustirium bostolium, or botulism and has many varieties and uses This long-lasting solution can also be combined with other techniques for a well rounded look. Botox is also a very fast treatment that only take 20-45 minutes depending on your requirements. Your results will be seen in 7 - 14 days after.

Dermal Fillers / Volume Enhancement Injections
These are injectable Dermal fillers comprised of naturally occurring ingredients. They are used to fill cracks and fine lines in the skin, and applied to the eyes, cheeks and mouth, providing a supple youthful look. It is your number one tool for fighting wrinkles. This type of treatment is also absorbed naturally into the body over time. Dermal fillers last from 6 months to a year, and are comprised of hydrolic acids and sugar molecules. The best part about Dermal Fillers is that they only take 5, 30 minutes per application. You will see the maximum results in 4 days after treatment.

There is still time before the holidays, so contact Ästhetik Rx in Bowmanville for a consultation and book your beauty enhancement with us before your next party.

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