New Year's Skincare Resolutions For 2020

4 years ago By Ästhetik Rx Vein Treatment

It's exciting to be stepping into the dawning of a new era, and that is what 2020 represents to many of us. It's also the right time to begin New Year's resolutions for your skin and body, and here at our elegant Ästhetik Rx, Medical Spa located in Bowmanville, we've got every inch of you covered.

When it comes to a flawless complexion, it's never too late to repair any sun damage or that caused by general aging. The advancements today are sophisticated, fast, safe and very effective.

If you want broken capillaries to disappear for smoother legs or even halt excessive sweating, our Ästhetik Rx, Medical Spa located in Bowmanville has the finest aesthetic experts to make improvements in 2020.

Face And Neck
You don't need to undergo a surgical facelift to achieve superb rejuvenation for your face and neck. Here at our relaxing Ästhetik Rx, Medical Spa located in Bowmanville, we offer amazing, safe treatments that address skin care issues like sagging, wrinkles and a dull complexion.
Many of these aesthetic sessions involve injectables that produce incredible results without downtime, bandages or hiding out from the public.

Botox and Dermal Fillers can redefine your facial contours and keep your frown lines away. These temporary treatments allow you to look like yourself but in a refreshed and youthful manner.

Ästhetik Rx, Medical Spa located in Bowmanville, is also trained in the Vampire Facial and Beauty Booster Microneedling with Redensity I that can retrigger the production of new collagen to add fullness and structure to your skin's foundation.

Our aesthetic experts at Ästhetik Rx are highly skilled in all of the latest hair restoration techniques. PRP therapy is an exciting way in 2020 to encourage new hair growth to deliver healthy, strong hair follicles. The studies performed have shown some excellent results.

Spider Veins
Sclerotherapy is considered the finest approach to flawless legs and involves the injections of a solution (generally a salt solution) directly into the vein.

It's incredible how effective and simple the treatment can be. It's time to contact us or book your appointment online to look ahead in 2020, and be the best you can both inside and out!

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