Speed Up Post Workout Recovery With These Three Treatments

4 years ago By New You Spa Wellness

What do you do to aid your body’s recovery process after a strenuous workout or game?

For most people ice packs, cold baths, pain relievers and personal massagers are the go-to sports recovery treatments; however these methods are often less than helpful and only offer temporary relief. Instead of opting for these traditional remedies to alleviate the sore muscles, overexerted joints and tired tendons there are some cutting-edge treatments that can boost whole body recovery in as little as three minutes.


You may have heard about Cryotherapy on the news or online, and while the high tech Cryo chambers and rooms are state of art and recently new the idea behind modern Cryotherapy draws on ancient cold therapy concepts that date back to ancient Greece. The Cryotherapy of today –which is beloved by elite athletes, celebrities and fitness experts—originated in the late 70’s by a Japanese doctor Toshima Yamauchi. Looking for a natural way to relieve the pain suffered by his rheumatoid arthritis patients. Dr. Toshima began using the controlled cooling rooms with much success, he then discovered that exposure to extreme cold triggers the body’s natural healing mechanisms. Aside from reducing the pain and stiffness related to inflammation and initiating the body’s natural healing response, exposure to extreme cold naturally enhances metabolic rate as a reaction to the frigid temperatures. This metabolic increase is one of the body’s instinctive responses to bitter cold, as all the blood rushes to protect your which protects your vital organs and offers an increased calorie burn as well.
While the temperature are extreme, anywhere from (-120 to -180 °C) the exposure is quick and highly effective. After only 2-3 minutes patients are brought out of the chamber and the long-term and medicinal effects begin to take effect in as little as 5 minutes and can last for as long as 24 hours.

IV Drip Therapy

Unless you are completely committed to eating a well-balanced diet that equally includes all the food groups, chances are you are lacking some essential nutrients and vitamins. This is especially true for Canadians who due to our long, sunless winters are prone to vitamin D deficiency. IV Drip therapy replenishes lost nutrients and vitamins by ensuring they are delivered directly to your bloodstream. With IV cocktails like Immune Booster, Energy Enhancer, HydroBooster and Fat Target you can customize your IV drip therapy to your specific goals and needs. The treatment lasts roughly an hour and can be done while you sit back and read a book or watch a movie. The best thing about IV Drip Therapy is the results are immediate, which is great for those who are looking to boost energy before a workout or those looking to aid recovery post-workout.

Vitamin Injections

If Cryotherapy and IV Drip Therapy are the latest secret to unlocking energy enhancing, post-workout recovery boosters than Vitamin injections are the original Hollywood secret. Described as the Energy Shot, Vitamin B12 injections have been around for decades. These rapid onset vitamin shots deliver a packed punch of nutrients directly to your bloodstream and have been known to reduce the duration of a cold, enhance mood and energy and aid in weight loss efforts. Unlike the drip, injections only take a few minutes and the results last for hours and sometimes even days.

At New You Spa we offer all three treatments to boost sports recovery and can even combine them for an advanced recuperation program. For more information, feel free to contact us.

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