Five Non-surgical Ways To Free Yourself From Excess Sweat

5 years ago By New You Spa Injections

As Canada braces for one of the coldest winters in recent history many of us from coast to coast are pulling out our parkas, thermal underwear and layering on the clothes attempting to stay warm. While bundling up is a great way to brave the elements and enjoy the festive season, all that excess clothing can cause us to sweat a little more than usual, and for those who suffer from hyperhidrosis the extra layers can make an already bad situation that much worse.

Hyperhidrosis is a condition that affects millions of people around the globe and causes them to produce excessive amounts of sweat. Despite most hyperhidrosis sufferers experience excess sweating in their arm pits, a large amount of people also sweat profusely from their palms, feet, as well as other areas. Even though excess sweat is considered a minor medical condition it can be extremely detrimental for the sufferer’s overall confidence, causing them to be hypersensitive to situations where they will have to shake hands, raise their arms or take of their shoes.

There are two types of hyperhidrosis focal hyperhidrosis which is localized to one or more areas, and generalized or secondary hyperhidrosis. While the causes of focal (primary) hyperhidrosis are unknown many experts believe an over-active central nervous system creates an over stimulation in sweat glands. Secondary hyperhidrosis is caused by a variety of underlying issues including: menopause, obesity, endocrine disorders, nerve damage, and some types of drugs.

No matter which category your hyperhidrosis falls under there is no dispute that it disruptive to daily life and can even be embarrassing. Thanks to advances in medicine and pharmaceuticals there are several ways to combat, alleviate and permanently rid yourself of hyperhidrosis.

  1. Prescription Strength Deodorants and Antiperspirant

Some of the more popular antiperspirant brands have launched clinical strength deodorants specifically designed for those who experience excessive sweating. While these drugstore products may work wonders in the beginning many users complain that over time the effectiveness of the product decreases. Doctors can also prescribe you medical grade deodorant contains aluminum chloride known for its ability to keep skin dry. Stronger than their commercial counterparts these prescription strength antiperspirants may cause skin and eye irritation.

2. Prescription Strength Cream and Ointments

Just like your doctor can prescribe you a medical strength antiperspirant a topical cream or ointment can also be applied to the affected area. Like extra strength deodorants these creams can cause skin irritation due to the powerful medicinal ingredients often included in the product. For people who suffer from hyperhidrosis of the face or head a milder cream can be administered to reduce the amount of sweat and activity in sweat glands.

3. Medications and Antidepressants

If extra strength deodorant, cream and ointments isn’t working or just isn’t the thing for you, there are medications that can be taken to help reduce the over active sweat glands, or treat the underlying condition causing your secondary hyperhidrosis. One medication that has helped alleviate the amount of excess sweat people have are anti-depressants. These medications can often work on a two-fold, the decrease the amount of sweat produced, secondly antidepressants can reduce anxiety which is often a cause of excess sweating. that often Some oral medications block the chemicals that permit certain nerves to communicate with each other. This can reduce sweating in some people. Possible side effects include dry mouth, blurred vision and bladder problems.

4. Botulinum Toxin Type A

The wonder drug that helped birth the medical aesthetic industry is the gift that keeps giving. Scientists have recently realized that Botulinum Toxin Type A is a powerful migraine treatment that can offer much-needed relief to chronic headache sufferers. In addition to freezing wrinkles and treating migraines, Botulinum Toxin Type A can also be used to temporarily block the nerves that cause excess sweating. The treatment is effective for 6-12 months. Before the treatment the nurse will apply a topical numbing, cream or ice the area to reduce the chance of pain or discomfort. The treatment area will need to be injected in several areas for best results

5. MiraDry

MiraDry is the newest non-surgical hyperhidrosis treatment that is delivering real results. Using controlled electromagnetic energy, the MiraDry hand tool delivers a precise amount of electromagnetic energy to the deep tissue of the treatment area. The current targets the sweat glands and destroys them with controlled heat (thermolysis) of the sweat glands. Despite the treatment using controlled heat, the surface skin temperature is regulated to ensure that it isn’t burnt or damaged. The effects of the treatment are experienced immediately, and the best part is sweat glands don’t grow back so once they have been eliminated there is no need to worry about the problem coming back. That means a permanent solution to hyperhidrosis. For best results a minimum of treatments per target area is recommended.

At New You we offer both the Botulinum Toxin Type A and MiraDry hyperhidrosis treatments. Feel free to contact us about a consultation or to learn more about either service.

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