Smoothbeam Laser Acne Diminishes The Visibility Of Scars

4 years ago By Pure Laser USA Skincare

Some of the best acne treatment methods which are being used by top dermatologists are the noninvasive type which means that they do not require the use of instruments in order to affect change on the patient who is being worked on. SmoothBeam Laser Acne Treatment is just such a technique which uses a rejuvenation laser to get the work done on the areas of the body (generally the face) where acne scars may have taken their toll from past bouts with dermatological problems. The goal of such work is to allow the person to live a normal lifestyle without having to deal with self-esteem or anxiety issues which can so often hinder the ability to enjoy everyday activities.

This method is called non-ablative because it does not vaporize the skin as some of the other alternative ablative methods usually do. Though the tissue is heated up, it is not actually destroyed which means that there will be a shorter length of time required for recovery. However, multiple sessions will be required in order to encourage the body's skin to create more natural collagen so that the imperfections can be filled in resulting in less noticeable problems. Since there are no burns, cuts, or removal of skin surface there will not being any significant pain experienced by the patient or any peeling as might be seen with other methods.

SmoothBeam also has an integrated dynamic cooling device which is known as a DCD and is a patented technology unique to this method. What happens in this process is that the outer epidermis is deeply cooled using a short blast of cryogen spray so that is protected from any action of the laser which is immediately applied in order to affect change on the upper dermis layer of the patients skin area. The end result is that the outer layer is protected from any harmful effects while the new collagen is encouraged to be created so that the acne scars will be reduced and restored. 

The SmoothBeam also has a positive effect on the sebaceous glands which are responsible for producing the oil that leads to the acne clogged follicles in the first place. Active acne is reduced significantly after the laser is able to limit the sebaceous gland activity, and that means that future scarring issues will be less likely to occur. 

At Pure Laser USA the experts understand all of the issues and methods which might be used in order to deliver the best and most effective acne treatment to the patients in the state of Michigan. Many from the surrounding Troy/Rochester Hills, Farmington Hills, and Clinton areas have come to trust their expertise. People looking to put their best face forward can receive the SmoothBeam Laser treatment at Pure Laser USA so that the acne scars can be a thing of the past, and all of this can be accomplished with little downtime due to the non-invasive nature. Call, contact, or visit a location today in order to setup an appointment.

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