Laser Spider Vein Removal

5 years ago By Pure Laser USA Laser Treatment

Lasers are used for spider vein removal, and varicose vein removal. The doctor focuses the beam of light from the laser, and the heat damages the vein. This results in the formation of scar tissue. The vein is closed off due to the scar tissue, and dies from lack of blood. The vein will then generally disappear within one to two years. This procedure is referred to as simple laser treatment, and treats the varicose veins, and spider veins just beneath the surface of the skin. Since more than one treatment is usually required, the doctor schedules the session every six to twelve weeks. 

Another treatment for varicose vein removal, and spider vein removal is called Endovenous laser treatment. This treatment is meant for bigger varicose veins located in the legs. The doctor can watch the vein using a duplex ultrasound screen. This procedure causes less pain than vein stripping, and litigation, and the recovery time is less. A light sedative, or local anesthesia is used during the treatment. For individuals interested in this treatment, please visit Pure Laser USA.

Once the simple laser treatment has been completed, the individual can walk, and has a short period of recovery. Returning to a normal routine is common after this procedure. The Endovenous laser treatment requires individuals to wear a compression stocking for a minimum of one week. The doctor follows up by ensuring the vein is closed with a duplex ultrasound. The Endovenous laser treatment is often an excellent alternative to surgery, and can additionally be the second step for large veins already treated through surgery. 

The simple laser treatment is backed by a twenty-year history, and is considered both effective, and extremely safe. The Endovenous laser treatment has a high success rate, and out of every 100 veins treated, 94 are successfully closed. For the few instances when the vein does not close, an additional treatment is required. The choices in these cases include a radiofrequency treatment, also referred to as Sclerotherapy, an additional laser treatment, and surgery is recommended in some instances. 

Although laser treatments do have some possible side effects, most of these are quite minor. The side effects may include a change in the coloration of the skin, burns on the skin, and a prickling, or burning sensation. These side effects can be greatly reduced by selecting a doctor who is experienced with using a laser. A doctor will be happy to explain the specifics of the treatments to potential candidates, and ensure all questions have been satisfactorily answered. Asking the doctor about their experience level with this treatment, how many times they have performed this treatment, and the number of treatments the doctor feels the candidate will require are all excellent questions. 

For individuals interested in spider vein removal, or varicose vein removal, a laser treatment provides an excellent option. The treatment has a high success rate, has been around for two decades, and is safe. The place to begin, is a consultation with Pure Laser USA for this treatment.

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