Hcg Weight Loss

5 years ago By Miami Beauty Clinic Fat Reduction

What is HCG Weight Loss?

There are a couple of people who may have heard of HCG helping people to lose weight and may have even seen it offered at a Miami Beauty Clinic as a weight loss treatment. HCG is the acronym for “human chorionic gonadotropic, the hormone made by women when they’re pregnant. The program is defined by a 500-calorie diet that is paired with hcg injections daily. 

What is Associated with the Diet?

The journey to losing weight is difficult enough when people are bombarded with advice to hit the gym, eat a certain kind of food, or having to leap through hoops just to shed a few pounds. The hcg injections provide an alternative for dramatic weight loss for people who want to shed the pounds without having to compromise their daily schedule. 

How Does it Work?

HCG is a bit complicated to understand when it comes to its connection to losing weight and how it helps to suppress cravings in people. Snacking is one of the biggest factors when it comes to gaining weight and can make it difficult for people to shed the pounds. The hcg injections play a big role in this since the hormone helps to reduce feelings of hunger. When the hormone is in the bloodstream, this takes away a person’s appetite so people can eat only a little food and still feel comfortably full. 

The other way HCG helps to suppress cravings is it’s a pro-hormone, meaning it helps to produce other hormones. Hormone deficiency or an imbalance in the body is often connected to the reason for why people gain weight whether it’s because of andropause, menopause, or a thyroid. 

Why Only Injections?

The injections of hcg are important since they’re the only way to raise blood levels of the hormone and is the only acceptable way to take it at this time. There are other ways of taking HCG that include spray, pills, or even drops people have turned to as alternatives. The truth is, these are unacceptable ways to get the hormone into the bloodstream since the HCG in them dissolves before it ever reaches the blood. The injection method is the only proven one to take HCG at this time. 

The other benefit of taking injections of HCG when visiting a Miami Beauty Clinic is they prevent people from losing weight while they’re dieting. The elevated hormone levels in the body from which includes testosterone creates what’s called an anabolic state, or muscle building state. This counteracts the catabolic state in the body or muscle breakdown that can occur when people diet. 

One of the side effects of losing weight rapidly is there is a higher potential for the muscle to be lost during the dieting process. Muscle is heavy, so when people step onto the scale it looks good to them because they shed pounds so quickly. The drawback is when people lose muscle it’s bad for their metabolism, body, and shape. Their metabolism slows down so much can cause weight gain quickly and it takes a long time to build muscle back up when it’s been lost. One of the other reasons people turn to these injections for shedding pounds without the risks that come along with it.

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