Kenalog Injections For Acne

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If you deal with acne, then, you know what it's like when a boulder-sized zit appears. Often times, these skin eruptions don't even respond to prescription topicals and can sit around for days or even weeks. Serious acne can ruin your self-esteem and even your social life. We have a new skin care solution available, and it's creating quite the buzz. Keep reading below for details on Kenalog injections in Toronto.

What Are Kenalog Injections?

If you're seeking the proper acne treatment in Toronto, then Kenalog injections are something to consider. The shots are safe, quick and effective and feature cortisone, a diluted corticosteroid medication. The injections are placed directly into the pimple, cyst or nodule to rapidly shrink large, inflamed acne lesions.

The great news is that Kenalog injections in Toronto are suitable for people of all ages and skin types. There's no pimple popping or zit extraction. It's simple, speedy, and you're good to go.

The Benefits of Kenalog Injections

There are multiple advantages to choosing Kenalog injections in Toronto. Let's be honest; most of us are seeking the quick fix that allows us to return to our daily schedule. There is zero downtime, and the results are fast. This acne treatment in Toronto is becoming popular because the injections can produce dramatic results.

Redness and irritation calm down, and then, the boulder-sized zit shrinks, softens and flattens out practically overnight. Most blemishes heal within a week post-treatment.

How Kenalog Injections Help Acne

The cortisone shot's biggest value is in preventing possible scarring from a major acne eruption. The medicated injections are designed to accelerate healing by shrinking inflamed, swollen tissue of acne cysts and the like. The shots also allow the skin on your face and/or body to cosmetically improve.

This amazing, modern acne treatment in Toronto can prove to be a lifesaver, especially for those milestone moments when you're in the public eye (like on your wedding day).

Kenalog injections in Toronto are also used to help shrink hypertrophic and keloid scars.

To learn more about acne treatment in Toronto, visit Aesthetik RX.

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