How Your Skin Is Affected By The Changing Seasons

3 years ago By Nulook Medspa Skincare

When summer ends, countless changes take place in the world around you. The changes also take place in your health; your skin is sensitive to the shifts of temperature as one season gives way to another. Some years, the transition from summer to autumn is slow and gentle; other years it is abrupt. It will affect your skin all the same.

You might have experienced this before but not paid attention. When the weather becomes hot, you may notice your skin turns greasy as oil builds up on the surface in an effort to keep your skin cool. A proper skincare routine for oily/combination skin should help with this problem.

It’s not only the hot weather that your skin might struggle adjusting with. When the weather changes from summer to autumn, you can bet that your skin will notice the temperature drop and, in its effort to morph along with this change, it might become uncomfortably dry and sensitive. You’ll notice pimples appearing or your skin might become flaky. It’s a normal process, but can and should be treated nonetheless.

We are in the midst of a season change; don’t neglect your skin, the largest organ in your body, when it needs most care. Aside from a proper skincare routine, there are several treatments at Nulook Medspa, located in Toronto, that can help give your skin a clear, smooth, and overall healthy complexion. 

We all want healthy skin; instead of playing guessing games with creams and cleansers, why not go straight to Nulook Medspa in Toronto and have an expert look at your skin? That way you’ll be able to enjoy the cooler weather without worrying about the effect it’ll have on your skin. Contact us today to schedule a consultation to learn about the best products and treatments for your skin type.

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