How To Control Rosacea

4 years ago By Nulook Medspa Laser Treatment

Rosy cheeks in the wintertime are usually a sign of a healthy complexion. However, those who suffer from rosacea know that there is far more to the condition than may meet the eye.


Rosacea is a type of skin condition that causes reddened cheeks and sometimes other parts of the face. It can also present on the neck, chest, head, or back, though it is less common in these areas. It typically occurs in older people and in those with fair skin. Different types of bumps can develop with this condition, similar to acne. Rosacea is known to cause flare-ups - periods of time with mild, moderate, or severe symptoms followed by periods where no symptoms are experienced.


While doctors have not uncovered a definitive cause for rosacea, there are a few prevailing theories. The first is sun damage to blood vessels (yet another good reason to always wear sunscreen when outdoors!). Second, an excess of or sensitivity to a type of typically harmless mite called Demodex folliculorum may be the culprit. Lastly, certain stomach bacteria could be to blame, although research is still being done on this topic.


There are some simple ways to help control rosacea, although it is best to first consult professionals at Nulook MedSpa, a medical spa in Toronto, for guidance. It is important to use gentle products that do not contain any harsh chemicals or fragrances, as this can exacerbate the condition. It is best to avoid saunas, whirlpools, and other environments that can cause overheating of the body. Managing stress levels is very important, as is avoiding certain food and drinks that have been linked to rosacea flareups, such as chili peppers and alcoholic beverages.


At Nulook MedSpa, we have a variety of treatments we can offer for rosacea control. Laser Genesis, for example, is a safe and non-invasive laser treatment that has been proven to increase collagen production. This technology can help to reduce the redness and large pores commonly associated with rosacea, and have you looking and feeling your best again.


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