Beauty Sleep And Your Skin

2 years ago By Vistoso Med Spa Skincare

When doctors recommend 8-10 hours of sleep they aren't kidding. It doesnt just ensure energy levels and immune system health, it also means brighter, healthier, smoother skin! 

Here is the truth from the skin experts at Vistoso Medical Spa behind the term "beauty sleep" and what it really means for your skin.

When sleeping more than 7 hours a night you are giving your skin the opportunity to breath! Bed time is also the time that our skin produces more collegian, which is what makes it appear smooth. Without it, with less sleep time, our faces develop wrinkles!

More sleep will also make or break a glowing complexion. When celebrities talk about this, now you can believe it's not a line for the cameras. It is the real deal! When we sleep blood flow to our skin increases. If you want those rosy cheeks without makeup, just hit the snooze button!

Lets not forget those dark circles. The tell-all to the world that we spent the night tossing and turning.

A great night's sleep, or two, will certainly cure these as well as the redness in your dreary eyes. 

So pour yourself some chamomile tea, put on some soft music and dim the lights while you fall into your cool white pillow and dream your way to better skin! If not, there is always the team at Vistoso to fix all that ails your skin!

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